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Showcasing Elegance: the additional features of our Portable Bars

Every feature, from storage to aesthetics, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Explore the intricate interior details that set our bars apart

Customizable interior

Depending on the size and requirements needed we are happy to offer a multitude of different options, for the best possible experience.

Standard mobile bar features includes integrated construction with durable laminate interior, non-coldplate ice bin, drain board, speedrail, adjustable shelf and heavy duty lockable casters. 

Interior finish options

Our laminate interiors are the quality standard for good looks, easy maintenance, and durability for all non-NSF applications. We offer a variety of laminates to fit any décor, and laminate interiors offer a wide range of customization options to make your bar a dream to use and enjoy

Stainless Steel

If you need a bar for NSF applications, or you just love the look and practicality of stainless steel, our stainless interiors offer everything you need and want in a rock-solid package. All our stainless interiors feature removable cabinet inserts, non-cold plate ice bins, sound-deadened speed rails, bottle openers with cap catchers, and towel rings — all the essentials bartending professionals need to deliver top-quality service. Our stainless interiors are highly customizable and compatible with bag and box soda systems, and they’re quality-crafted to stand up to decades of use.

Equipment Options
  • Soda System 

  • Patina, Polished Brass, or Brushed Stainless Steel Footrail and Brackets

  • Stainless Steel Interior Cabinet Insert with Adjustable Shelving

  • Metallic Bar Wall Upgrade

  • Stainless Steel Towel Ring
    Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher

  • Additional Non-Cold Plate Ice Bin
    Cold Plate Ice Bin Upgrade

  • Dimmable LED Lighting for Illuminated Bar Wall and Work Area

  • Matching Back Bar, Quartz Composite or alternate Bar Top material, Integrated Refrigeration,

  • And More... 

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Manhattan back.jpg
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Venue Specific Branding

At Wallace & Hinz we recognize the importance of a name, we have been able to customize clients portable bars to reflect their own personal style, and brand in a variety of materials and styles.  We would love to see what we can do for you!

Additional Elements

Sometimes the Portable Bar on its own just isn't enough.  Luckily our Wallace & Hinz team has taken the time to brainstorm a few solutions to this issue. 

In addition to the standard Portable bar, we also offer a, companion cart, portable bar back, hostess stand, buffet, or any other item that you might require to increase storage space and complete the quality look. 

Stone front.jpg

Refined materials & finishes

One of the perks of working with a custom bar manufacturer like Wallace & Hinz that has been in business since 1977  is that we have knowledge and skills that many companies do not possess. 

Over the years we have used unique and varied materials to achieve the results requested by clients.  From stone, wood. glass, metal, fiber materials, and leather. You request it and we will find a way to achieve your vision. 

Let's Work Together

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