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General Information & Facts

Dive into the dynamic world of portable bars! Whether you're hosting a grand event or a cozy gathering, understanding the versatility and functionality of portable bars can elevate any occasion. Browse through our FAQs to get answers to common queries, from setup and customization to maintenance and more. Equip yourself with all the essentials and make your event truly unforgettable!

Being part of the design process

At Wallace & Hinz, we believe every bar tells a story. Our design process begins with listening to yours. We collaborate with you, understanding your vision and requirements.  Our general process follows these steps:

Part 1: approximately 2 weeks

  1. Client completes Build Your Own Bar on this website 

  2. We schedule a consultation appointment to assess your business needs, via phone or in person.

  3. We generate an estimate, with drawings to match, we submit them to you for your approval and signature.

Part 2: approximately 4-6 weeks

  1. Once you approve and sign off on the project our team starts crafting your portable bar. 

  2. Shipping- depending on your location 1-2 weeks

Why portable bars

& Mobil back bars
Thinking of stepping into the world of portable bars or simply wanting to make your events more memorable? Here's the lowdown on why a custom portable bar from Wallace & Hinz Bar Company is the ultimate game-changer:

1. Ready, Set, Event!: Picture this: A portable bar and bar back that’s easy to set up and versatile enough for any event – be it a fancy wedding, a buzzing festival, or an official corporate gig. No fuss, just pure convenience.

2. A Bar that Brands: Your portable bar isn't just a place to pour drinks; it's a branding powerhouse. That can be infused with your colors, logo, and theme to elevate aesthetics and turn your bar into a dynamic brand ambassador. Imagine: A walking, talking (okay, pouring) showcase of your brand.

3. Full Beverage Spectrum: The diverse world of beverages demands a versatile setup, and your custom portable bar delivers. Whether guests fancy cocktails, draft beers, wines, or soft drinks, your bar ensures everyone's drink of choice is on hand. And with essential features like integrated refrigeration and sinks, you’re serving a top-notch experience every time.

4. Always in the Spotlight: Dive into the vibrant world of pop-up events. Whether you're at a bustling festival or a private gathering, your portable bar is always the center of attraction, ensuring you’re the life of any party.

5. Revenue on the Go: Opportunities abound with a portable setup. From offering a diverse bar service palette at varying venues, teaming up with event gurus, to even renting out your trendy setup, revenue avenues are as expansive as they are exciting.


In essence, a custom portable bar does more than just look good and serve drinks. It combines adaptability, unparalleled branding potential, service versatility, cost-efficiency, and the promise of endless opportunities. If you're set on making waves in the portable bar scene or just want to elevate your events, this is your golden ticket. Here’s to making every event memorable!

Why we are the right choice

At Wallace & Hinz, our journey is rich in history and defined by a passion for excellence. For years, our story hasn’t just been about building bars; it's been about crafting legacies in the heart of the event industry. Since our inception, we've been driven by craftsmanship values that stand the test of time. Every phase of our growth has been a testament to our dedication to producing unique, high-quality portable bars that make a statement.

One of the standout features of our brand is the skillful craftsmanship. Each portable bar we design and create is a testament to our team's unparalleled expertise. To us, this isn’t merely business—it's an art. Every curve, edge, and polish on our bars showcases our commitment to perfection. But beyond the aesthetics, we understand the dynamic and ever-changing world of events. Be it a lavish wedding or a cozy pop-up event, our portable bars effortlessly match the vibe, offering the perfect blend of elegance and functionality.

Moreover, in today's fast-paced world, branding is everything. We recognize this, and that's why our bars are designed to be more than just drink stations. They're storytellers. They amplify brand visibility, and with the unique ability to customize with logos, colors, and distinct designs, they craft unforgettable experiences for guests. And while our bars exude luxury, we've always believed that elegance shouldn't come with an astronomical price tag. Our commitment is to offer this touch of luxury in a cost-effective manner, making it a valuable choice for event planners everywhere.

In the vast sea of fleeting events, make yours etched in memory. With Wallace & Hinz by your side, you're not merely opting for a portable bar; you're embracing a legacy of unparalleled excellence. Let’s embark on this journey of creating memorable events together!



Portable Bars FAQ

1. How soon can we get the bar to you?

Our commitment is to deliver your portable bar promptly. Before Covid, our standard portable bars typically reached our clients within four weeks, depending on shop workload. For a 100% custom portable bar, the process usually takes about 6 weeks from the time the contract is signed and designs are approved. Due to recent shipping changes, we've had to adjust our delivery expectations slightly. Regardless of these changes, you can trust that we will always keep you informed about your order's status.


In summary, expect 4 weeks for a pre-designed portable bar and 6 weeks for a custom-designed one.

2. Can we run water lines to the Portable Bar

Yes, within reason, this would need to be discussed with our design team, please give us a call to see what is possible. 

3. Can the bar tops be done in stone?

Yes, we are able to manufacture them here, or provide your local stone mason with a template to complete the bar. 

4. Can I use my POS with my Portable Bar?

Yes, you are able to use your POS system with our bar. We are happy to provide an electrical box and chase for either your electrician or a licensed team member to install as we are not UL approved. 

5. Can we use different wheels than the standard ones?

Certainly! We understand the diverse settings our portable bars are used in. While our standard wheels glide seamlessly on smooth surfaces, we're well aware of the unique demands outdoor venues can present. We're more than willing to replace the wheels to suit the specific terrain or venue you're hosting in, ensuring smooth mobility wherever you set up.

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