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Portable Bars By Wallace & Hinz

Creativity is Contagious

Wallace & Hinz has been in the bar industry since 1977.  In 2004 the current owner Tom Tellez identified the opportunity to provide clients with another way to meet their event and entertainment needs.  Through extensive experimentation the W&H team created a superior portable bar that consistently exceeds clients needs in terms of space, convenience, usability, and elegance.  You will not find a higher quality American made, hand crafted product designed with your guests and team in mind. 


Please feel free to reach out with any questions, below are some examples of our work.  However we always look forward to the opportunity to craft something completely  unique to you.  

Portable Bar The Brooklyn by Wallace & Hinz Custom Wood Portable & Mobile Bars & Bar Backs

The Brooklyn

" Spread love, its the Brooklyn way" Notorious B.I.G

Classic. Traditional. Handsome. A great bar that creates a sense of place. It is our top seller with classic good looks, the Brooklyn features stately details, reminding us of a time when things were made with careful craftsmanship to last for generations. Shown with brass footrail option

Craftsman Style

Legendary products with craftsman hands, it's our heritage

Introducing the Wallace & Hinz Craftsman Style Portable Bar – where tradition meets innovation. Drawing inspiration from the classic, detailed aesthetics of the craftsman era, this bar epitomizes sophistication. Each piece showcases the meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship Wallace & Hinz is celebrated for. Beyond its stunning design, the Craftsman Style Bar offers unparalleled functionality, perfect for any event setting. Explore the artistry and practicality that distinguishes our Craftsman Style Bar from the rest. Experience a fusion of history and modern-day flair!

Portable Bar Craftsman Style Wallace & Hinz Custom Wood Portable & Mobile Bars & Bar Backs
Portable Bar The Deco Style Wallace & Hinz Custom Wood Portable & Mobile Bars & Bar Backs

Deco Style

Add a Touch of Deco and let the beauty flow

Elevate your events with the Wallace & Hinz Deco Portable Bar! Merging timeless art deco elegance with modern functionality, this bar is a blend of style and practicality. Crafted with impeccable craftsmanship that Wallace & Hinz is renowned for, the Deco Portable Bar is more than just a serving station—it's a statement piece. Discover the unparalleled blend of aesthetics and efficiency that sets it apart in the world of event hosting. Dive in and see what makes our Deco Portable Bar a crowd favorite!

Rum Runner

The speed boat of portables

Dive into a world of timeless elegance with the Wallace & Hinz Rum Runner Portable Bar. Capturing the adventurous spirit of the Prohibition era's infamous bootleggers, this bar melds history with modern functionality. With its captivating design, the Rum Runner promises not just a drink-serving station, but a storytelling centerpiece. Every detail, from its craftsmanship to its functionality, is a testament to Wallace & Hinz's commitment to excellence. Embrace a piece that's as rich in history as it is in utility with the Rum Runner Portable Bar

*Shown with metallic bar wall and footrail options.

Portable Bar The Rum Runner Wallace & Hinz Custom Wood Portable & Mobile Bars & Bar Backs
Portable Bar The MalibuStyle Wallace & Hinz Custom Wood Portable & Mobile Bars & Bar Backs

Malibu Style

The Surf is always up with the Malibu Mobile Bar

Multiplicity, variegated and vibrant tones of natural mahogany and cascading light create a tastefully modern bar with an exotic appeal. Shown with illuminated bar wall option.

Manhattan Style

The bar that never sleeps

Natural walnut in staggered geometry ‐ as exciting as a city scape. Hardwood is hand selected for natural tone and pattern.
This bar can warm up the most industrial venue. Shown with integrated equipment option.

Portable Bar The Manhattan Wallace & Hinz Custom Wood Portable & Mobile Bars & Bar Backs
Portable Bar Custom Stone Front Wallace & Hinz Custom Wood Portable & Mobile Bars & Bar Backs

New Territories

At Wallace & Hinz we are always looking for new ways to grow.


If you have an idea for a style of Portable Bar you haven't seen listed here please don't hesitate to reach out!  New and unique projects help our team stay creative and driven. 

Interior setup/ customizations?

1-14 Portable Bar Stainless Steel.jpg

We strive to meet your event needs, depending on the size of your bar we can equip you with anything from soda systems to POS stations

5-5 Portable Bar Firefly.JPG

We recognize that your location, company, and events are unique to you!


Allow us to customize your portable bar to match what is most important to you and your guests.

Sometimes just the bar isn't enough. We also can provide you with a portable upper back bar, hostess stand, or many other solutions.

We don't only work with wood! 

We are always looking for new and unique ways to elevate our skills & your experience.  We have worked with metal, stone, glass, and other materials to provide you with the truly unique product and experience you are searching for. 

Rum Runner.jpg
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